It all began that one morning in year 2014 after scrolling on Facebook I told my other half, also my business partner, that I would like to open a ladies only hair salon.

He replied, “Ok I work on the business plan.”
And I knew then that my husband will support me in this.

Over the years, he quit teaching to look after Pearlista with me. Many people do not know this but he is the pillar.

All we had in mind was only 1 salon for ladies. And the 1 grew to become 3. Alhamdullilah. Because of doas of our parents and all your support and love.

The past 5 years have been memorable.

I have met so many women who would hug me and whisper to me “you inspire me Nura.”

Little did they know that they were the ones who empower me.

I have witnessed an excited bride to be getting her hair done before her wedding ceremony.

I have witnessed a tired mom closing her eyes, enjoying a creambath session, grateful for the much needed me time.

I have witnessed the love between a mother and daughter so happy to have their bonding session (usually on Tuesdays for our 1 for 1 #pearlistatuesday treat. And then they go to Gelare😜)

I have witnessed an extremely strong and brave woman diagnosed with cancer shave her head bald before her chemotherapy session began the following day.

And many more moments.

I can go on and on...

5 years on, Pearlista has also expanded her wings. She is now exploring another part of a woman’s self care, aiming to change the experience and culture of this sensitive category and nurture a proactive feminine hygiene culture we all desire with the recent launch of #pearlistaessentials.

Here at Pearlista, we promise to deliver the best services and products possible. We firmly believe in constant and never ending improvement, striving for progress with each passing day.

Thank you for choosing Pearlista for your scalp, hair and feminine care needs. Let’s kick off the fun and book your appointment or buy your pearlista product now.

one love,
Nura J